Client Recommendations


Heidi and Steve

We really loved working with Carter. I highly recommend him and his services. He’s not only an excellent photographer but also very personable and efficient. He was very helpful in planning the before and after ceremony shots and setting our expectations re timing. My husband and I chose not to see each other before the ceremony which means that the more shots after the wedding, the less time you have at your cocktail party or with guests. We, in fact, did not partake at all in our cocktail party but it was worth it to us. Some couples would prefer to maximize their time with guests and do all the photos before hand. Carter is also great at listening, making suggestions and capturing what you want him to capture…and more! I thought he did a terrific job of getting both posed and candids and scene/artistic shots. My husband and I both think that Carter does a great job of capturing and conveying the essence and feel of the event (we felt this way after seeing Carter’s portfolio of someone else’s wedding.) We also asked for a mix of b&w and color. He does both very well but I particularly like his b&w shots so we asked him to take a fair percentage – just let him know what you want. All in all, we had an excellent experience with Carter and we love our photos. He worked well with the family and bridal party, moving the photos along with a good sense of humor. Obviously, I have no qualms with recommending Carter, but one of the most important criteria is that you feel comfortable with your photographer and have a good rapport with him or her.

Mara L.

Carter Brookes is the best thing ever. I cannot imagine having had a better photographer. He remembers everyone’s names and makes the whole thing a better day. I honestly felt like he was one of my guests – like a good friend taking pictures. He is there to get every picture but you hardly even notice he is there. Plus he is great about taking pictures other people want and he definitely does tons of candid ones too. You will absolutely love him! Oh and the pictures! Every one is just perfect! I LOVE my pictures. They help me remember every single detail (including the food !) There are black and white, formal, informal, color, etc. I had one picture blown up to 16×20 of us walking into the sunset in a vineyard-it’s just beautiful. Congratulations and enjoy Carter!

Diana Tapper

It would be my pleasure to share with you our experience with Carter. He may have mentioned to you that we live in NYC so we also understand the challenges in planning a wedding so far from home. We had to arrange many of the details through only several visits to California, phone calls and emails. Carter was the best vendor we worked with by far. In the planning stages, he was very thorough, organized and extremely responsive. He helped us with formats to organize our picture list and gave us suggestions for modification. He met with us at the site in advance to go over details and get a feel for the property. He took the time to find out about our priorities, our desired styles, our ratios of B&W/ color and posed/candids, etc. So in answer to your direct question, he did a blend of candids and posed, color and black and white, but this was governed by our priorities and desires. He is extremely honorable and reliable. When we met him the first time, before hiring him, he had mentioned that we may want to think about photographing our night before party. At the time, we were not sure we wanted to contract a photographer for that event. Several weeks later, he called us to say that he had been asked to shoot a wedding on the day our night-before event was to be held. I believe that this was even before we made the decision on whether we were hiring Carter. Still, he gave us first rights because he had made the offer to us first – if we had said we wanted him to shoot our party (likely a much smaller job for him) he would have turned down this other more lucrative offer. We always said that the true test of our vendors would be on the wedding day and Carter came through with flying colors. He was personable and made jokes throughout the day, getting people to laugh and smile as we worked through the hour or so of posed pictures. The rest of the night he was mostly invisible, in the sense that he wasn’t intrusive at all. He took an amazing amount of pictures, but you would never have known he was there. No bright lights, no asking people to stop what they were doing and smile. He simply chronicled the event. We received several comments from friends who had recently gotten married how great our photographer was. This struck us as especially impressive given how rare it is to comment on a photographer’s personality and work style before even seeing the finished product. We also had several events going on simultaneously. Carter and his assistant were able to document both events, coordinating with walkie/talkies, so that we were able to see through the pictures what was happening when we were not around. Carter also capitalized on the unique beauty of our site by recognizing “good pictures” that we never would have seen. He brought us on a walk down to the vineyards and took beautiful shots in both color and black and white. He caught the drama in a glass chapel on the property where we held the ceremony and went back during the reception to see how it looked in the dark. Upon seeing the great photo opportunity, he brought us back for some night pictures that ended up being some of the most stellar in the whole collection. But what is most important is the finished product. Our pictures are stunning. He captured so many moments so well. Just to give you an idea, even 9 months later, we are having an extremely hard time narrowing down the pictures to 80 or so for the album. We have narrowed it down to 200 currently, because they are all so special. We have gotten rave reviews from our families and friends, some of whom have said they are the best wedding pictures they have seen. My mother-in-law is a professional photographer and she was amazed at his artistry and photographic eye. In sum, we have nothing but the best things to say about Carter. We give him our strongest recommendation. Both my husband, Jason, and I are more than happy to elaborate further or answer any specific questions that you may have. Best of luck with the wedding process and congratulations! Sincerely, …Diana Tapper

Vyvianne Kiriakis

I cannot say enough about Carter! He was wonderful! He really captured the essence of our wedding day. I had him take the traditional photos but mostly I wanted him to take candid shots! He was fabulous to work with! You will not find a better photographer!!! Good Luck to You! …Vyvianne Kiriakis

Lisa Riegel

I am always happy to provide a reference for Carter. He proved to be one of the best decisions we made for our day. He was always on time, professional and pleasant to work with. A bonus was that we found him to be a very calming presence on that day and managed to have “eyes in the back of his head.” He caught so many neat intimate moments we would never have been able to see without him. Most important however is that his photography is fabulous! Our album turned out wonderfully and we’ve never looked better. It is a classy heirloom we will treasure forever. If you have any additional questions I would be happy to reply. Otherwise, I would say you can’t go wrong with choosing Carter! Congratulations and enjoy your day! …Lisa Riegel

Therese Casper

Corey and I can only say good things about Carter Brookes. We found him to be extremely wonderful to work with and the pictures turned out great. Our guests liked him as well and found him to be unobtrusive when taking pictures of them. He even got my aunt to smile in the pictures which was quite a feat! If you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to answer them, otherwise I recommend Carter very highly and wish you a happy wedding! …Therese Casper

Kim Bennett Younger

We hired Carter to photograph our wedding at Chimney Rock Winery in Napa Valley. We were extremely pleased with the service he provided us. He met with us several times before our event to discuss what we wanted, he was always willing and able to answer any questions we might have had. At the ceremony and reception he was prompt and professional. Taking exactly the pictures we requested, and not being too intrusive into our day. He took hundreds of pictures, but we did not get the feeling he was always around “lurking”. I liked that aspect of his work. The proof book was more extensive than we expected, which was a pleasant surprise. We had many options of pictures to choose from, covering our wedding from start to finish. Our album is also very beautiful. Carter took the time to meet with us after our event to help us design our album, giving suggestions as to what would look good and how it would flow. All of the people who look at our album and proofs have nothing but praise for the pictures. I think that is the best compliment, since it confirms our own personal feelings on his work. I would highly recommend Carter and his work. …Kim Bennett Younger

Will McKinley

Carter Brookes photographed our wedding. We had a fantastic wedding. We were fortunate to have all great people working for us. Carter Brookes in particular was excellent. He made things easier for us by being flexible and good-natured. We asked him to take whatever pictures he thought would be best. He was unobtrusive, but somehow took loads of pictures. I am a graphic designer. I consider myself to be quite particular when it comes to graphics, including photography. The photographs he took were the best wedding pictures I’ve ever seen. He was at the right places at the right times without getting in the way. Needless to say, I would highly recommend him. For our wedding, he took both color and black-and-white. I’d recommend this option as well. We expected to like the color the best. We were wrong. The black and whites blew us away. I hope this helps. …Will McKinley